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Ten days in Tuscany, Italy

Once again, we are taking CMC overseas! This year our students will be embarking on a concert tour of Tuscany, Italy with Festival Orchestre Giovanilli. We will hold a two and a half week Summer Workshop/Prep session at The Masters School in Dobbs Ferry leading up to our trip to Italy.

This tour will be available for students ages 12 and up. Students under 12 or those who do not wish to attend the tour are still invited to participate in our Summer Workshop at Dobbs Ferry.

Overview of The Tuscany Concert Tour

Monday, July 22 - Wednesday July 31, 2019

After our our session at the Masters School, students over the age of 12 are invited to attend our concert tour in Tuscany, Italy with Festival Orchestre Giovanili. The Florence Youth Festival (FOG) was founded in Florence in 1999 to give young musicians from all over the world the opportunity to be part of a unique musical experience in the beautiful region of Tuscany, Italy.

Chamber music concerts, orchestra concerts and the distinct possibility of collaborating with another youth orchestra from another country will highlight the tour. Ample time has been set aside for sight-seeing and bonding.

overview of cmc Summer Workshop at the Masters school

Monday, July 8 - Saturday, July 20, 2019

The Chamber Music Center of New York is proud to partner with The Masters School to offer a unique chamber music experience. Thirty minutes from Manhattan, surrounded by the greenery and fresh air of the Hudson River Valley, the Masters campus at Dobbs Ferry offers open spaces, Neo-Classical architecture, and an environment seemingly worlds away, where we can devote our focus to chamber music.

CMC SUMMER 2018 at The Masters School is a 2-week day-program of intensive chamber music training. Students will advance their ensemble skills through chamber music coachings, workshops, chorus and chamber orchestra rehearsals. Masterclasses, workshops on topics such as Practice Techniques, guest lecturers, guest performers, and field trips will round out the experience. In the final week, there will be several performing opportunities.

The unique aspects of the CMC program – our faculty of professional working musicians, innovative team teaching techniques, and a supportive environment – will be the hallmarks of this inspiring 2-week session.

There will be time for outdoor activities during the afternoon, which includes swimming, soccer, frisbee and just relaxing on the beautiful campus of the Masters School.

Applications for Summer/Tuscany Concert Tour 2019 are now closed.
Please email Mary Jo ( for questions
regarding openings in our program.

Timeline for Summer 2019

Monday, July 8 - Saturday, July 20: Summer Workshop/Prep at the Masters School in Dobbs Ferry
Monday, July 22 - Wednesday July 31: CMC concert tour in Tuscany, Italy


  • Students must have a private teacher for their audition instrument

  • Private teachers must give consent for their student to enroll

  • Students should have previous ensemble experience, i.e. orchestra, piano ensemble, choir, etc.

  • Student must demonstrate proficiency appropriate for their age in technique, musicianship, note reading skills

  • Ages 12 - 24

  • Repertoire guidelines for each age group can be found here.

Participation Fees 

Participation fee for this program will be $4,540. This price will include the two and a half week preparation at The Masters School, airfare, and room and board in Tuscany, Italy. For a full price list and to make payments, please visit our fees page. 


Applications are now open for CMC Summer at the Masters School. Once your application and application fee is received you will be invited to sign up for a live audition 

Audition Guidlines

All applicants are expected to perform a live audition consisting of: 

  • A short Solo piece choice

  • 2 Scales of your choice

  • Short sight-reading excerpts

Bus Service to THE Masters School 

CMC offers a daily bus service between Manhattan and The Masters School for a small additional fee. To sign up and pay for our bus service, please visit our fees page. 

Financial Aid

Need based financial aid is available upon request to families unable to pay full tuition. All financial aid is awarded on a case by case basis, please fill out an application to be considered. 

Applications for Summer/Tuscany Concert Tour 2019 are now closed.
Please email Mary Jo ( for questions
regarding openings in our program.